2019: The Year of New Flavors

Happy New Year! I thought I’d kick off the year by sharing some of my resolutions as a food writer.

I want to write a lot more! I look forward to not only reviewing more restaurants but also publishing different types of blogs about where I like to go for certain kinds of foods. If you are curious about my opinion on any foods or restaurants in Dallas, let me know! I’d love to turn it into a blog.

2019 will also be a year in which I learn a lot about cooking. I would say I’m generally competent in the kitchen, but I’m going to step my game up. I’ve purchased a collection of cookbooks that will force me to learn new techniques, try new ingredients, and simply learn about food and its preparation. Having work off on New Year’s Eve, I decided to try making pizza from scratch. It tasted decent but there is definitely room for improvement. If I’m going to weigh in on a chef’s work, I should at least have some idea of what it takes to put my meal on the table.

Finally, a resolution that I challenge you to share with me: eat food that is outside your comfort zone. I hadn’t explored the vast world of Indian cuisine until 2018, but Hanna and I decided to try Mughlai Fine Indian Cuisine out by the Galleria. It was wonderful and inspired us to try more Indian restaurants. The flavors are so different than anything I had been eating on a normal basis and it has changed my perspective on taste. Dallas makes it so easy to fall into a routine of eating burgers, Tex Mex, Italian, and “Contemporary American” every time we go out to eat. As one of the ten largest metroplexes in the USA, DFW has so much more to offer.

I have no doubt that I’ll have a busy, fun-filled, and delectable 2019. I hope you have the same!

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